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Single device fast wireless charging and accessory organization. Spacious Accessories Compartment Premium Pebble-Grain Italian Leather High-Grade Matte Aluminium 


SVANKi heats up electrically and easily scoops through the hardest of ice cream like a Hot Knife Through Butter. Heats up with just a press of a button and goes through the hardest of ice cream like a hot knife through butter


Whether you like to season with brines or butter, marinades or minced garlic, inject more flavor in less time (and more fun!) with the OXO good grips flavor injector. Simply fill the BPA-free Tritan body with the marinate or sauce of your choice, using the convenient measurement markings if your recipe calls for it, and inject your roast or bird with delicious flavor. The large, open handle provides a comfortable grip while pushing and pulling at any angle. Two color-coded tips are included: a wide needle for thick marinades and sauces, and narrow for thin marinades and melted butter. The needles feature grips to twist on and off, even with slippery fingers, and all parts dissemble for easy, thorough cleaning.


Everyone knows a good ROCKSTAR steals the show and ours is no different. ROCKSTAR whiskey bar is handmade from solid American Walnut. The bar has a quilted grey berry silk back panel and is fitted with a knurled solid brass light fitting, complete with a snake's heat cage for protection. The bar is then finished with our signature brass coin screws, a set of knurled brass furniture handles and a diamond-etched brass logo plate. The bar has mechanical soft-close walnut doors. The bar comes with foldable legs attached with solid metal machined brackets - as there is no point having a Rockstar in your house, if you can't get it through the door!


Striking a unique atmosphere for your living spaces has never been easier. Customized control of our LED lighting rope allows you to color your spaces with light like no other lighting option can. Create romance, relaxation, or a party ambiance with the simple push of a button.The long extension cord offers you a wide variety of options and no need to be right on top of an outlet. Take your lighting where you want it to go with the ultimate freedom provided by our LED light rope strip. Easy to control with the simple push of a single button.  

As the best alternatives to Philips hue light strips with only 30% price, Aurora, the smart, LED, dimmable, colorful and extendable light strips, would light up your home with your imagination. Choose from over 16 million colors to set the mood of a room, highlight furniture or fixtures or create architectural features in your living spaces. The aurora can help to create a right atmosphere for almost any indoor scenes, such as, run them along shelves, under a TV, around room and stairs, or highlight the furniture or wall, etc. Thanks to the flexible material and extendable features, it can either provide long-lasting large ambient light for the whole room or the small atmosphere for the private corner. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, Aurora give the users the opportunity to give some creative flair and make something smarter and more special.

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A LEGEND IS BACK! The "KISS MY AIRS" doormat is now available again exclusively from OVERKILL. This doormat made from the finest organic materials is now available exclusively online as well as in-store.
Give your shoes a befitting platform and welcome your guests in style.


Retro Gamer Arcade Print by Barrett Biggers. Giclée Art Print on 300gsm Fine Art Paper Innova.


Kylo Ren Print by Alessandro Pautasso. All art prints are individually numbered, signed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity.


Number 3 of a limited series, this writing desk by design firm 3 GJB 17 was custom ordered in American walnut and fitted with original Porsche body panels finished in Arctic Silver. A highly qualified team of designers, wood and metalworkers, and coachbuilders, 3 GJB 17 has spent years perfecting the technique of creating custom furniture and decorative objects out of various iconic vehicle parts. Equipped with two drawers, this Porsche 911 writing desk opens to reveal nicely finished surface ideal for completing concours entry forms, reading mechanical reports, or even looking research one’s new Porsche.


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