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Developed in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone, the new RM 25-01 Adventure tourbillon chronograph tests a desire on the part of Richard Mille and the artist to conquer the most thoroughly hostile of natural environments. Truly a horological UFO, this timepiece is, as Sylvester Stallone says, ‘Ready for action. An iconic actor of 1980s Hollywood, Sylvester Stallone is a man of many, sometimes contradictory, facets.
When John Simonian, my American partner, introduced us, I was struck by how nice he was, by his sense of humour and his wry wit. His persona is serene and endearing, authentic and sincere. He is also an artist, whose deeply personal work is rooted in his passion for great painting and sculpture. He doesn’t cheat. Stallone assumes sole responsibility for his creations. I see that as strength, as powerful. We became friends, and discovered that we were passionate about similar things and had similar desires.

Richard Mille engineers spent several months of work and research reducing the weight and optimising the calibre, especially the precision of time calculation over the long term. This has given rise to many innovations, such as the design and manufacturing of several titanium parts, like the levers, which reduce inertia and thus lower energy consumption by 50%. This made possible to significant alleviate friction on the axis and eliminate jumps and twitches of the chronograph hand during start or stop of the timer. Operation: the chronograph function is stopped and started via the pusher located on the lower left at 8 o’clock. The hands are reset by pressing another pusher, located on the upper left at 10 o’clock.




The Bullitt is an iconic product, a helmet rooted in a storied past mixed with a style and design that could best be described as “retro-future”. Inspired by the Legendary Bell Star helmets of the 60’s and 70’s, but speaking a modern design language the Bullitt became an instant classic the moment it hit the streets. We use only the highest quality ingredients, right down to the last stitch of its genuine leather interior, to create this functional work of art. Available in either Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass versions and featuring many shield options to further customize this one-of-a-kind helmet. No matter what, how, or where you ride, the Bullitt is in a class by its self.


Lumzag Smart Bags are the most innovative and smart carry system to date, designed with high end materials and 7 smart features. Presented in the trinity of the Backpack, Messenger and CrossBody, Lumzag Smart Bags are the ultimate definition of what you always missed in your bag: intelligence, power, safety, and control. Charge your phone wirelessly on the go, while also charging your tablet and laptop with our built-in 10,000 mAh power bank. You can also charge your AirPods using the special compartment in the bag. As the Power Bank is removable it makes Lumzag Bags TSA approved. Special sensors of Lumzag track all your stuff. Simply mark your items with special Identification Stickers that come with your Lumzag Smart Bag, identify them in your Lumzag app, and if you happen to leave something behind Lumzag will notify you. Never again dig blindly inside your bag, trying to find something. The built-in LED light in the main compartment gives you a comfortable and energy-efficient solution for the problem of that black abyss in the bag. Light turns on automatically when you open your bag in the dark.

Every time someone tries to open your bag or steal it Lumzag mobile App will notify you. It will also activate a high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is above your set maximum. Track your bag wherever you are, regardless of the distance between you. The GPS tracker allows you always to know the exact location of Lumzag in real time. The GPS tracking is free of charge, thanks to special technology developed by Lumzag team which doesn't use internet data.

Get an extra pair of eyes in the urban jungle: always be aware of what is going on behind, seeing it in live view mode on your smartphone screen through the camera on the back. This feature is optional and if you don't need it you can request Lumzag without the camera.


The AKTIVO Scoot has the perfect balance between elegance and performance. It is built out of a single-piece magnesium frame, and is propelled by an astonishing empty wheel electric motor. With a 1000W brushless motor, the AKTIVO Scoot is the most powerful scooter in the market. Inspired in the car industry, with elegant yet dynamic and sportive design lines, the AKTIVO Scoot looks like no other. Finally a powerful scooter to hit the roads in style. The AKTIVO Scoot has the perfect balance between elegance and performance. It is built out of a single-piece magnesium frame, and is propelled by an astonishing empty wheel electric motor. With a 1000W brushless motor, the AKTIVO Scoot is the most powerful scooter in the market. AKTIVO Scoot’s 1000W hubless electric motor is by far the most powerful motor in an electric scooter of this category to date. This innovative brushless motor uses a set of 60 magnets to deliver an unprecedented torque output and speed control to take you literally anywhere. Besides looking out of this world, the system features position lights, and braking lights together with a high efficiency ceramic brake. Forget about pushing your scooter uphill, the AKTIVO Scoot handles 20 degrees slopes like a champ. Our engineers have spent countless hours developing a true vehicle to take you anywhere. From going to work, to getting quick errands done; from catching that gym class on time, to lunch break escapes; AKTIVO Scoot is the perfect personal transporter. 


Everyone knows a good ROCKSTAR steals the show and ours is no different. ROCKSTAR whiskey bar is handmade from solid American Walnut. The bar has a quilted grey berry silk back panel and is fitted with a knurled solid brass light fitting, complete with a snake's heat cage for protection. The bar is then finished with our signature brass coin screws, a set of knurled brass furniture handles and a diamond-etched brass logo plate. The bar has mechanical soft-close walnut doors. The bar comes with foldable legs attached with solid metal machined brackets - as there is no point having a Rockstar in your house, if you can't get it through the door!


Striking a unique atmosphere for your living spaces has never been easier. Customized control of our LED lighting rope allows you to color your spaces with light like no other lighting option can. Create romance, relaxation, or a party ambiance with the simple push of a button.The long extension cord offers you a wide variety of options and no need to be right on top of an outlet. Take your lighting where you want it to go with the ultimate freedom provided by our LED light rope strip. Easy to control with the simple push of a single button.  

As the best alternatives to Philips hue light strips with only 30% price, Aurora, the smart, LED, dimmable, colorful and extendable light strips, would light up your home with your imagination. Choose from over 16 million colors to set the mood of a room, highlight furniture or fixtures or create architectural features in your living spaces. The aurora can help to create a right atmosphere for almost any indoor scenes, such as, run them along shelves, under a TV, around room and stairs, or highlight the furniture or wall, etc. Thanks to the flexible material and extendable features, it can either provide long-lasting large ambient light for the whole room or the small atmosphere for the private corner. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, Aurora give the users the opportunity to give some creative flair and make something smarter and more special.

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Traveler brought you the first modern distraction-free writing tool, the Freewrite smart typewriter, and now we are back with a new device that builds on all the feedback we have received over the past 4 years. Traveler includes all the distraction-free features of the Freewrite but is half the size, half the weight, and for a limited time, available at a significantly discounted price. We've heard from customers over and over that writing without distractions has massively improved their productivity, in some cases as much as doubling their hourly word count. Our lives are on our computers and phones, so it shouldn't be any surprise that using them is a constant reminder of other things we could be doing - checking that newsfeed, watching friend's stories, or responding to emails. As social media and entertainment companies spend billions in the war for our attention, we must fight back. 

Traveler removes the ability to get distracted. There isn’t a web browser, email client, or even any notifications which means all that energy required to resist temptation is now freed for a more useful purpose, your writing. The effect is real, and it works. Over 45 million words have been written on Freewrites including many published books and screenplays. Studies have shown it takes 25 minutes on average to refocus on the original task after a single interruption. Without distractions, Traveler helps the writer get into a flow state and stay there. When you’re in the flow, nothing can stop you. Traveler puts all your attention on the written word. There are no settings to play with or fonts to pick, you can do all that stuff later at your computer. Traveler was designed to be part of a draft first, edit later, writing philosophy. 

The idea is that by separating the creative and the critical, we can work more effectively. Draft on Traveler and with seamless syncing to the cloud, effortlessly transition to editing later on your computer. Once there you can still use your favorite editing programs like Scrivener, Final Draft, or Word.

In the URWERK tradition, none of the indications of the UR-111C watch are conventional: The minutes are shown in two different ways - linearly for eyes pleasure and digitally for precision. Never has a roller on the case performed the functions of the crown, nor have the running seconds meandered across a cluster of optical fibers. Nor would it be an authentic URWERK watch if its case didn’t look as if it had been designed by a Sci-fi passionate.

There has to be a strong bond with a mechanism that merges into your wrist: a machine becomes
part of you and gives you information in return for energy. It’s an exchange. For this reason, we created
a new interface with the watch. Instead of the conventional crown at the end of the stem, we
conceived a roller integrated into the top of the case for a new sensation.


The linear retrograde minute indication is inspired by the CC1 King Cobra, but is visually different with a longer diagonal track of minutes. The UR-111C also features world-firsts in watchmaking such as the
optical fibers, known as an image conduit, and which transports the indication of seconds, or the crown integrated into the top of the case above and parallel to the winding stem.



ALL-WEATHER SHOES DESIGNED IN COLLABORATION WITH SKATER DENNIS BUSENITZ. The collaboration between Adidas and pro skater Dennis Busenitz continues with these shoes. Inspired by the Copa Mundial soccer cleats, they feature a waterproof upper to transform the iconic design into speedy, technically precise shoes that go hard in any kind of weather. Waterproof comfort GORE-TEX® upper for all-weather performance Anatomical fit Geofit padded collar creates a comfortable, natural fit. The signature sneaker for Dennis Busenitz is a modified version of a classic soccer model, the Adidas Copa Mundial. They are constructed with weather-resistant Gore-Tex upper, GEOFIT collar cushioning for supportive fit, recessed eyelets, and come with an extra set of laces.



Earth Wood Talisay Polarized Sunglasses is Expertly crafted from natural wood, Earth Wood timepieces and sunglasses are dedicated to all lovers of chic fashion. Using sustainably sourced wood material, Earth Wood products are carved to last. Our Earth Wood watches and sunglasses are made of rosewood, bamboo, zebrawood, and other woods. Try out our wood watches and sunglasses, and revel in the compliments.