What is MasculineCoins?

With MasculineCoins you can earn or buy for future uses for various types of transactions in Infinity Masculine website!


How can I get MasculineCoins ?

You can either buy or earn:


masculinecoins: 100

By registering as a new member, you will get 100 MasculineCoins one time.

daily visit
masculinecoins: 10

You addicted to our website and visit us daily? you will get awarded.

Man resding burning newspaper

viewing posts
masculinecoins: 10

Every Guide, Manual, Skills, Article, Travel, Story that you read.


viewing products
masculinecoins: 10

Want to create your own masculine lifestyle with our Undisputed products? only by viewing them you will get awarded!

masculinecoins: 10

Every Login will get you 10 MasculineCoins. But try not to log in & log out too many times. your account can ban!

masculinecoins: 10

You find some discoveries, Guides, Skills or Products that you loved? by sharing them we will give you 10 MasculineCoins on the House!

masculinecoins: 50

Our videos have never been so much interesting then now!

masculinecoins: 30

Referring Friends, buddies from work, family, partners and get awarded.

masculinecoins: 100

Find products that you overwhelmed? you can review and get the Maximum MasculineCoins for this!